SOLAR OIL cuticles treatment (3.7ml)


Nail treatment specially designed to penetrate deeply and protect the skin and nails. Keeps natural nails, nail polish color and extension nails strong and flexible. Recognized as the favorite product by millions of professionals and customers for nail care.

It is a blend of gentle natural oils with Vitamin E, designed for deep hydration and protection of the cuticle and natural nails.

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What is:

A synergistic blend of natural light oils and Vitamin E, designed to deeply penetrate and protect the skin and nails.

What is he doing:

– Jojoba oil transports Vitamin E deep into the skin to help reduce the visible signs of aging. Natural light oils keep the skin soft and firm.

– Keeps natural nails, polish color and extension nails strong and flexible.

– Repeated use drives oils deeper into natural and artificial nails, increasing benefits and minimizing breakage.

Why you need it:

– Super-penetrating formula that keeps skin and nails healthy and in good condition.

Instructions for use:

– Put a drop on each cuticle and massage to absorb into the skin and nail.

CND recommends:

– Apply before bed to keep natural nails and cuticles healthy.

– Apply before polishing natural or artificial nails, to achieve an intense shine.

– For an intensive hydration treatment, apply to nails and skin.

– Offer a full ‘Almond Spa Manicure’ treatment, utilizing the entire Almond family of products.


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