Shampoo dot. solari Nutrition (1lt)


Professional nourishing shampoo with Argan and Maracuja oil. Designed for all types of hair, especially for weak and thin. Strengthens hair length, making it strong and shiny.

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Professional nourishing shampoo, designed for all types of hair, especially for weak and thin.

dott.solari’s nourishing shampoo has a high content of Argan oil and Maracuja oil.

Argan oil, known as “liquid gold”, comes from the fruits of the argania spinosa tree in Morocco.

It is rich in fatty acids and vitamin E and provides an antioxidant effect, immediately restoring the lost shine to the hair and nourishing it in depth.

Passion fruit oil (maracuja oil) comes from the fruits of the passiflora edulis fruit.

It is rich in is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins A, C, K, E, calcium, phosphorus and potassium.

It has an excellent effect on hair renewal, promoting fast and healthy hair growth.

Argan oil and passion fruit combine to provide top nutrition.

They gently moisturize and strengthen the hair structure.

They leave the hair shiny and shiny and give a pleasant, soft feeling.

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