Olea Pure Origin Liquid Crystals (50ml)


Olea Pure Origin Liquid Crystals with Baobab and Linseed Oil (50ml)

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Οι υγροί κρύσταλλοι της Olea Pure Origin συνιστούν έναν ορό για μαλλιά μεταξένια,χωρίς λιπαρότητα, ενώ παράλληλα προστατεύει την τρίχα από πηγές θερμότητας κι από το σπάσιμο των άκρων.

♦Its special formulation with linseed and baobab oil creates an invisible protective, non-greasy film that envelops the hair leaving it soft in texture and silky.

♦Protects against oiliness.

♦ Moisturizes the hair in depth.

♦Flaxseed is one of the most active ingredients against frizz.

♦Applies to fresh as well as dry hair, as it does not leave any greasiness.

♦Composition without parabens.

♦In smart 50ml packaging, so you can take it with you everywhere!


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