Love me Color Drops Of Color Blue


Drops of color from the Love me Color series are concentrated drops of color that are mixed with the oxidizing paint for rich reflections but also with each other for unlimited creation of shades. They can be used as enhancers and color correctors. 30ml.

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New generation liquid corrector that enhances the shade of the paint mixture.

They mix together for unlimited combinations and creativity in the salon.

With Luminescine®, for an impressively vivid and glowing result.

Luminescine: Plant-derived patented molecule (Verbascum thapsus flower) that gives shine and brightness to the hair. Its action, based on the photosynthesis of mullein flowers, has the ability to transform UV radiation into a source of brightness for the hair, giving a bright, shiny and youthful appearance.

Instructions for use:

Apply from 1ml to a maximum of 2ml for every 50g of paint, depending on the desired shade intensity.

The oxygen dissolution is always calculated in relation to the grams of dye. 50 gr of dye + 75ml Oxygen + 1 – 2 ml drops of color.


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