Gellie SS06 Semi-Permanent Varnish


Semi-permanent varnish – Yellow Orange Pastel

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Gellie Semi-Permanent Varnishes
Spring/Summer 2023

Duration exceeding 3 weeks
Easy removal without causing damage to the natural nail
We do the usual preparation of cuticles.
We prepare the nail plate with a buffer and remove the dust.
Apply a layer of Gellie base coat or Gellie rubber base coat.
Apply a thin layer of Gellie color, polymerize and repeat with another layer of Gellie color. (Some colors may need a third coat)
Finally, close with a layer of Gellie Top coat.
*We seal the free end in each layer
*Polymerization times: UV 120 deco cover on the lid with the color of the semi-permanent for the convenience of the technician

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