Examination Roll


Examination Roll Plasticized Paper White with Heat Sealing

Ideal for medical facilities, clinics, beauty centers, etc.

Durable with high resistance
Waterproof, soft and absorbent
100% recyclable pulp
It has perforations every 41cm
Dimensions: 58cm x 50m

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The Heat Sealed Waterproof Test Roll is a Heat Sealed Plasticized Paper. It consists of a sheet of medical-grade polyethylene (PE), which is located at the bottom of the roll, and a sheet of paper, which is located at the top of the roll.

This is a roll with adhesive made from recyclable pulp. It is waterproof, absorbent and highly durable. In addition, it has perforations every 41cm for easy cutting.

In addition, the plastic sheet, through its high density and structure, ensures the waterproofing of the roll, so that the fluids that may occur during the medical examination do not stain the medical bed.

The paper sheet ensures on the one hand the sufficient absorbency of liquids and on the other hand offers a feeling of comfort and cleanliness to the examined patient.

It is ideal for medical facilities, clinics and hospitals, beauty centers, etc.

Dimensions: 58cm x 50m


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