Evialia Smart Volumizing Shampoo (500ml)


Evialia Smart Volumizing Shampoo Ideal For Volume And Shine (500ml). Ideal for hair volume and shine.

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Shampoo for unique volume and shine in hair.

♦ With active ingredients: Panthenol (Provitamin B5), vitamins A, E, F, B3, aloe extracts and wheat proteins.

→Panthenol acts on the keratin surface and thus makes the hair stronger and thicker.

→Vitamin A strengthens hair, prevents dryness, breakage and encourages healthy hair growth.

At the same time, it contains antioxidants that help in the production of its essential oils

hair, keeping it hydrated. Finally, it enhances the shine of the hair.

→Vitamin E improves blood circulation in the scalp, as a result of which hair grows unhindered and hair loss is limited.

It has an antioxidant effect, neutralizes free radicals

roots that cause damage to the scalp and hair.

→Vitamin F moisturizes the scalp and regulates sebum secretion.

→Vitamin B3 prevents hair loss.

→Aloe extracts, thanks to their high content of water, antioxidants and basic minerals, also help in smooth hair growth and keep them hydrated.

→Wheat proteins strengthen and deeply nourish the hair, prevent frizz and hair breakage.

♦ Composition without parabens.

Use: Apply the shampoo evenly to the scalp and leave for 2-3 minutes to take effect. Remove with plenty of water.

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