Evialia Shampoo with Keratin (500ml)


Evialia Shampoo with Keratin & Macadamia Oil Vitamins, B5 & Rich Actives – 500ml

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♦Hair shampoo with Keratin, Macadamia Oil, provitamin B5 and rich active ingredients for hair reconstruction.

♦ Keratin
↪Reconstructs and strengthens the hair by replenishing its lost vitamins.
♦Provitamin B5
↪Moisturizes the hair and restores the lost moisture and shine to the hair.
♦Macadamia Oil
↪Provides rich nutritional, moisturizing and antioxidant properties.
↪Provides maximum hydration without weighing down the hair. It penetrates the hair pores and increases the elasticity and strength of the hair.
↪This type of oil helps prevent frizz and gives softness.
↪Thanks to the Ω3 fatty acids it contains, it provides us with everything our hair needs to be shiny and healthy.
↪Gives hair shine and protects it from heat.

This product, thanks to the combination of its ingredients, rebuilds, strengthens, and seals moisture inside the hair.

♦Suitable for all hair types
♦With hazelnut praline flavor.
♦Composition without silicone and parabens.

Tip: Prepare your treatment with Yanni Shampoo with Keratin & Macadamia Oil before using Yanni Hair Mask with Keratin & Macadamia Oil and complete the process by applying Yanni Serum with Keratin & Macadamia Oil for protection and unique softness.

Thus, you enjoy all the benefits of the series and the fragrance in your hair will remain until the next wash. The result is spectacular from the very first application!

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