Evialia Massage Oil – Shea Butter


Suitable for Massage, ideal for after hair removal 1000ml.

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Body Oil for after hair removal 1000 ml.

Get soft and hydrated skin with the MASSAGE BODY OIL body and massage oil, containing Shea butter, only from EVIALIA®SELECT.

This is an excellent product that can be used either as a massage oil, as a post-hair care and skin soother, or for enhanced hydration of your skin. Thanks to the rich shea butter, it will revitalize, soften and hydrate your skin, whatever your skin type, all while leaving a sensual chocolate scent.

What you will achieve: Revitalization, softness and intense hydration of the skin on the body. Alleviation of skin irritation after epilation. Excellently scented leather with a chocolate scent. Use also as an oil for therapeutic massage.
Active substances – allies: Shea Butter, rich in vitamins A, D, E and F.

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Therapeutic benefits of the ingredients in EVIALIA®SELECT MASSAGE BODY OIL:

→SHE BUTTER is rich in vitamins A, D, E and F, while it has antioxidant properties – due to its tocopherol content – and anti-inflammatory properties – thanks to the triterpene alcohols – it contains.
It is suitable for the treatment of dry skin, while, due to vitamin E, it helps to treat stretch marks. Also, in the prevention and treatment of acne and in the reduction of redness and eczema and dermatitis. Finally, shea butter can help you achieve silky smooth skin after shaving.


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