Evialia Conditioner Baby Powder (1lt)


Professional conditioner with vitamins A, E and F. For all hair types.

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Professional Conditioner with Baby Powder scent (talc) in a 1lt package.

Treat your hair with the high-quality Baby Powder conditioner from Evialia®Select with a rich creamy texture, moisturizing agents, a special composition and the “baby” powder fragrance that lasts and is available exclusively from Evialia®.
The best professional care for you, with vitamins A, E and F (discover in the special Info Text, the therapeutic actions of the vitamins), for all hair types and daily use.
Thanks to the wonderful fragrance of the powder, you will be overwhelmed by beautiful feelings of tenderness and childishness, with an aromatic sensation that will last for hours, while at the same time, your hair will become shinier and healthier than ever!
Combine the Evialia®Select Baby Powder conditioner with its corresponding treatment shampoo, to get hair with volume, shine and softness!
It’s like a hair expert coming to your home every day to take care of your hair.

What you will achieve: Daily professional care. Shine and softness in your hair with the favorite powder fragrance, Baby Powder.
Active substances – allies: Vitamins A, E and F

Info Text
Therapeutic benefits of vitamins A, E and F:
→Vitamin A strengthens hair from root to tip, preventing breakage and split ends and encouraging rapid hair growth.
→Vitamin E maintains hair moisture, protecting it from the sun and dryness and giving it shine.
→Vitamin F protects the scalp from dryness and also protects from heat. Prevents hair breakage.

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