CND Perfect Pure White (104g)

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Covering powder in intense white, for the French line. Shade Type: Grey. Size: 104g. Acrylic product: building powders. Coverage type: full coverage (opaque).

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Covering powder in intense white, for the French line.

What is

Advanced technology acrylic powder for building, easy to process and with color selection & creation capabilities.

What does it do

– Activates molecules, creating cross-links and polymerization in Radical, Retention+ and Moxie build liquids.

– Creates strong extra nails that are break resistant when used with Radical, Retention+ and/or Moxie.

– Forms extra nails with excellent adhesion when used with Retention+.

Why you need it

– For building with Radical, Retention+ or Moxie liquids.

Instructions for use

– Perform the manicure and ensure that the natural nail is thoroughly clean and properly prepared.

– Apply primer, if desired.

– Build the nail in 3 Zones, with a mixture of medium proportion (1.5 Liquid to 1 part Powder).

– Shape, finish and perfect with a 180-grit file, or higher.


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