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Acrygel natural nude 60 ml

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Gellie ACRYGEL was created to facilitate the work of nail artists. It has the positive elements of acrylic and gel without having their negatives. Harder than gel but at the same time more flexible without moving from the nail before polymerization. Without the strong smell of acrylic. No dust during filing. It is spread with the help of cleaner so that the brush does not stick to the gel. It is polymerized in UV and LED. A thin layer of Gellie base coat or Gellie rubber base coat is required.

1. We start the preparation on the natural nail and then apply primer and Rubber base
2. With a metal spatula, remove the desired amount from the package and place it on the nail.
3. With a brush wetted in cleaner, apply the ACRYGEL on the nail in the desired shape.
4. After the ACRYGEL has polymerized, wipe with cleaner and file.
5. Apply the desired color and then top.

**For better extraction of the product from the tube and to avoid damage to the package, we suggest you use a Tube Squeezer.**

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