Brush stand & cleaning jar (8 positions)


This is an 8 position plastic stand for washing/drying brushes. This is “a must to have” product that will prolong the life of your brushes.

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It is highly recommended never store your brushes vertically in water or solvent when washing them.

There are a few good reasons not to do this. The pressure on the brush can permanently misshape the bristles, bending them or spreading them out so they no longer come to a point. If they are left too long to rest on the bristles, most brushes will never regain their original shape.
The other reason not to do this has to do with the the ferrule. If you are working in oils, the solvents you use to clean your brush could also eat away at the glue inside the ferrule holding the bristles to the handle. With acrylics or watercolors, water can eventually cause the wooden handle to swell or crack, also potentially damaging the ferrule.

Store clean brushes vertically head-side-up or horizontally.

Make sure that brushes aren’t resting against the tips during drying process or on other brushes when stored, or they can become deformed.
As long the head is undisturbed, a brush should be fine stored vertically with the head up or horizontally. Avoid packing them up too tightly.


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